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Everpure Ghana Limited is a wholly Ghanaian company, dedicated to the promotion of Ghanaian industry, and good health. The company was formed by Ghanaian professionals from different fields but with a common desire to contribute to the development and public health of Ghana.

Vision:   To be the best quality purified water company in Ghana.

Mission: Our mission is to provide the best purified water to our clients, based on a process that is unique and of the highest standard in water purification technology, utilising best practices, backed by quality customer service by highly-motivated staff, under the direction of a Board and Management that is socially responsible and focused on delivering great value to our investors, staff and other stakeholders.

Values: We aim to support on-going Government efforts to promote good and healthy lifestyle habits, by actively encouraging and educating clients on the benefits of drinking quality purified water at all times.

Everpure produces a wide range of products to fit different socio-economic sector of the population. Our products come in 60cL, 1.5L and 18.9L bottles, as well as in the 500mL satchet, which is a better value proposition as our competitors sell in 450mL satchet and 50cL bottle, for the same price!

Because of the specialized production method for our ice cubes, drinks can be chilled within 15 minutes, and such chilling stays longer because our ice cubes melts so slowly, giving long-lasting cooling effect to your drinks and refridgerated products like fish, chicken, and other seafood products.

Everpure Purified water conforms to the standard of Ghana Standards Board and the Ghana Food and Drugs Board. We also work in accordances with the World Health Organization's (WHO) "Guidlines for Drinking Water".

Everpure purified water produces a refreshing feeling, and tastes very good!

Drink Everpure purified water for good health and vitality!


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